01_ilai Upcycled Foldable Multi Utility Shopping cum Market Bag




Buy this rare classy multi utility shopping cum market bag . Elegant look, Suitable enough to carry grocery items/vegetables/fruits ,comes with a cotton lining to give it extra sturdiness. Easy to wash and foldable in nature.

Technical specification:

  • Material – Upcycled long lasting PC fabric
  • Colour –  Green and Black
  • Dimension – (l*w*h)44cm*11cm*34cm
  • Basket base length – 33cms
  • Inner Material – None
  • Occasion – Shopping, Casual, Market use
  • Closure – None
  • Item weight – 168 grams
  • Special Features –  Yellow fellow,  Foldable

Yellow Fellow – This bag has a small pouch inside to act as your clean up companion. You can store the used plastic snack wrappers and small plastic covers acquired during your travel. You can throw it out later when you are near a recycle bin.



Ilai in Tamil language means Leaf. A leaf is perfect example for a natural resource which has its use throughout its life and after. While in the tree it provides necessary energy to the tree and provides life for all life dependent on the tree. When it is done and falls down on earth, it becomes food for the microorganisms, biodegrades and provides energy for the soil.

In nature, there is no concept of waste. A fallen leaf becomes manure, leftovers from a lions hunt becomes food for the scavengers, a rotten fruit becomes food for microorganisms. It is only Human lifestyle which generates waste. ilai is an effort to get you products which are made from so called waste or creates minimal leftovers which gets absorbed by nature and strengthens life. Let us celebrate Life on earth!  

ilai upcycle collections

Upcycled Collection from ilai is made from industry excess materials. By upcycling these fabrics, we are attempting to close the loop in an industry that creates an enormous amount of waste. We have one beautiful planet and we can extend it to the next generation by thoughtfully using resources without wasting any of them.

Join the movement. Order for your first upcycled cloth bag right here.


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