An increasingly 50% and more customers globally indicated that they would be willing to explore natural, eco-friendly and sustainable products over the next years. Get your brand there. Promote your brand’s eco-consciousness through these super affordable, extremely valuable and long life cloth bags.  These are made to last and add value to your brand over the next few years.



Inspired by the minimalistic designs from Japanese culture. These youthful drawstring bags can be worn in the world’s most preferred style of carrying things; on your shoulders.

Features: Drawstring closure for the bag, Sturdy ropes to handle heavy weight, Excellent mouth shrinkage to close the bag mouth almost completely, Double stitched at stress points.

Dimension: 14” Wide x 18” Height

Fabric: 100% unbleached cotton

Print area: 10”x 12” in one side of the bag



Some of you might have a messenger bag your grandfather got from his first international conference. Such rich is its tradition. Make your conference equally rememberable. Made of thick canvas with two partitions makes this bag usable for many occasions.

Features: Velcro Closures to secure the contents of the bag, Two partitions to organize your things, Cross stitched handles for longer life and heavy load, Beautifully designed lid for the inspirational look, Woven Tape Handles for the texture and finish.

Dimension: 14”Wide x 15” Height x 3” Gusset

Fabric: Thick Canvas made of 100% cotton

Print area: 9” x 6” in the lid of the bag


CB-Conference BAsket_01

A bag takes home all the memories of your conference. It should not lie idle after that. It should be used by the family again and again. If that is your idea, you might want to go for this bag.Made of thick canvas, this conference basket will be the preferred shopping bag for the family which takes it home.

Features: Velcro Closures to secure the contents of the bag, Outer pocket in both sides of the bag to quickly access things,Cross stitched handles for longer life and heavy load, Woven Tape Handles extended throughout the bag for long life, Compact and stylish

Dimension: 14”Wide x 15” Height x 3” Gusset

Fabric: Thick Canvas made of 100% cotton

Print area: 3” x 4” in the pocket (both sides of the bag)


Conferences copy