When a remote village was hit by a series of droughts, livelihoods crashed, and a terror of unemployment was looming. With agriculture dwindling and livestock disappearing in distress cattle sale,  what do wives of poor landless peasants do? They garner up all courage, learn stitching and get ready to make cloth bags. This is how the PaalaguttaPalle unit came to existence.This small group of women from PaalaguttaPalle, a small village in Andhra Pradesh has grown from strength to strength by stitching sturdy cloth bags and carved a livelihood for themselves.

We decided to join hands with the women, where we have shared basic business handling expertise. The unit now makes amazing vegetable compartment bags, totes and basket bags among others.

The Yellow Bag movement is now determined to support this unit with continuous work opportunity, and we are here! Presenting premium finish vegetable shopper bags with multiple compartments, in three different sizes that is perfect for your  varied shopping needs.

Join our efforts to create sustainable livelihoods. Support the women and order your bag right away!

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